Google Education only Play Store Announced

As we reported last month Apple are the dominant leaders in tablet use in education, claiming 94 percent of the market share.

Google have had success in pentrating the education market with their excellent offerings in Chromebooks and also Google Apps for education but have not made a great deal of headway with their tablets.

Today, they moved education as a priority up a major step by announcing an education only 'Play' store.  This will grant all those android based tablets to a marketplace that is now free of a lot of rubbish and inappropriate content for students.

Hopefully this might go some way to levelling out the playing field in regards to tablets in the classroom and provide a better experience to all.  I still don't know where this leaves the link between the chrome store and Google play but I am sure at one point those two worlds will collide.

Google Play for education launches this fall and further information can be found here.