Great guide to iOS 7 for busy teachers and students


So, you have just downloaded iOS 7 to your school iPad's and feeling pretty good about the fact you can see all those new icons.  Now you can get back using them just as you always did.

If that is the case you might be surprised to know that iOS 7 has had over 300 alterations and additions to it's predecessor, and has a number of obscure new features that are tailor made for education.

Thankfully,  Steve Luliano from Mac1 has put together an excellent resource for teachers and students aimed covering the following areas to make you an iOS 7 wizard in no time.

  • Introduction to iPads
  • Creating, Deleting & Organizing Folders
  • Spotlight - Searching for Files, Apps, etc.
  • The Control Centre
  • The Home Button & App Toggling
  • The iPad Dock
  • Settings & Accessibility
  • Guided Access - Locking Apps & Restricting Screen Areas
  • Safari - Using the Internet on the iPad
  • Saving a Website Link to the Home Screen
  • The Camera Roll / Photo Library
  • Importing & Exporting Documents on an iPad
  • Resetting your iPad
  • Splitting the iPad Keyboard
  • Airplay
  • Locking the Orientation of the iPad
  • File Sharing to other iPads - AirDrop, Flick & Cloud Apps

  • Recommended Educational iPad Apps


Click here to download the guide. and enjoy.