iPad accounts for 94 percent of tablets in schools.


Yesterday Tim Cook announced that Apple owned 94 percent of the market share of tablets in education.   

It would be undisputed that Apple own the tablet market in schools, but Mr. Cook did not elaborate on how it fared against both chromebooks and Windows PC's.

Just last week Microsoft reported a spike in Surface tablet sales mainly due to the huge price cuts made to educational institutions.  It would be clear that this is the only genuine contender to Apple in the tablet market for schools,  and we can speculate at best they only have a a 6 percent market stake. 

It should be evident to us however that publishers creating educational content would be clearly aiming their product at the iPad due to it's dominance in this market. 

Chromebooks are still the number one selling computer device on Amazon.com and have seen a groundswell of support in education in the last 12 months due to their price point and perfect integration of Google Apps for Education. 

Education is a huge hook for technology companies as it offers an annual stream of fresh money to keep supplies moving but also exposes children to new technologies that can be adopted into home and future work opportunities.