Teach with Movies - Over 350 major films to study.


It is quite surprising how many teachers look upon films as a poor cousin to books when they are assessed as a learning tool. 

Even though more people are reading books each year since the 1950's there are far more films being watched at a rate of 3 to 1.

Mainstream cinema has been in existence for over a century now, and is a mature and refined medium to tell a story which we should encourage teachers and students to engage in more often.

Teach with Movies has been around for a number of years but was previously a premium website requiring an annual subscription.  The great news is that it is now completely free and offers teaching notes, lesson plans and teaching ideas for over 350 of the biggest films ever made. 

I find this a far better option to Sparknotes as it has real depth to the films it covers although it does not have the number of films as Sparknotes does. 

Teach with movies will teach students to become far more discerning and understanding of the elements and content of the films they watch which may hopefully lead to a reduction in Michael Bay films.

So next time you want to put on a movie with your students don't feel guilty and check out Teach with movies to ensure you get the best learning opportunities from it.

Kevin Cummins

ICT Consultant with over 60 schools in Victoria Australia. Google Certified Teacher, Masters of I.T Education and above all else husband and dad.