12 Great Google Sites for Teachers

Google is known for its useful web tools, but did you know that a lot  of them have incredible applications for education? Take a look at  these Google tools to see how they’ll work for your classroom.

  1. Google Custom Search Engine:  Create your own custom search engine and tell Google which sites you  want it to index, and you’ll be able to offer your students the best of  the web.
  2. Google Docs:  Google Docs offers teachers and students a web-based word processor,  spreadsheet, and presentation editor that can be used securely and  collaboratively from any computer.
  3. Google Book Search: Search the full text of books ranging from popular best sellers to out-of-print books on Google’s Book Search.
  4. Google Groups: Set up a discussion group for your classroom on Google Groups.
  5. Google News: Google News is a wonderful place to look for news in newspapers and magazines around the world.
  6. Google Maps: Your class can use Google Maps to build maps of your community, learn about cities, and more.
  7. Google Page Creator: This Google tool allows teachers and students to create useful web pages without having to use complicated code.
  8. Google classroom posters:  Help your students search the web better with these posters that  contain tips for using Google Search and other Google products.
  9. iGoogle:  iGoogle allows you to create a custom page for your classroom that  includes components like a school calendar, bookmarks, news, and more.
  10. Blogger:  Start a class blog with Blogger, and you can share work, pictures, and  more, all while staying connected with your classroom community.
  11. Google Notebook: Use Google Notebook as an easy to use notepad for the web.
  12. Google Calendar: With Google Calendar, you can easily communicate school schedule information with your classroom community.
  13. Google classroom activities: Here, Google offers a few activity ideas for elementary school children.