Have you seen the documentary "Bully"?

Earlier this year a somewhat controversial documentary was released in the United states called 'Bully".

The study of the impact of bullying in an American high school was prompted by director Lee Hirsch's experience of being bullied as a teenager.

It has been well received by critics but was given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America on account of language.

That meant under-17s were unable to see it without an accompanying adult. - Which really cut out it's intended audience.

Earlier this year an edited re-cut was made of the documentary that had some of the offensive language removed after a number of cinema owners chose to run the film publicly regardless of it's rating.

Hirsch has said he intends his film to ''not only reach those who have been the victims of bullying but, more importantly, those who still need an 'empathy push'.''

I was wondering if any teachers had seen the film and had any thoughts on whether it was a genuine call of events that are happening in our schools today or whether it is feeding on a media hot topic.

I'd love to hear of anyones thoughts?