Reciprocal Reading Strategies for Students

Reading groups are a great way for teachers to sit down with a small group of students to hear them read and them comprehend at an almost personal level.  They generally happen in the younger years of primary / elementary school successfully but tend to taper off as students get older.

Reciprocal reading groups are a great way for students to take ownership of reading in small groups by adopting a set of roles an protocols to better understand a text together.

This allows you as the teacher to then rove around your classroom or simply observe some of your groups during this time or even remove students to work one on one with them on their reading skills.

A colleague of mine has put together a great collection of resources that will get any teacher started in understanding what reciprocal reading is and how to teach it to your students effectively.

This PowerPoint is great to show your students what everyone's role is within the process of reciprocal reading and two printable instruction cards located here and here will really assist your students when reading together. 

Below is a video that might prove useful either to students or staff who are struggling with the concept of reciprocal teaching.

Please let me know if you have any other great resources such as this.