Write your own textbook with these iBook author guides

We are clearly at a massive turning point in traditional textbook publishing with Microsoft, Apple and Amazon all making huge investments into digital textbook creation and delivery.

This means a lot to teachers who have always aspired to put together a textbook of their own as they do not have to go down the traditional path of publishing houses and possible financial ruin if it is not a commercial success.

I almost view this as a similar period of time to the late 90's to when savvy musicians began using the web to release their own music independently with huge success much to the disgust of major record labels.

It will not surprise me if a number of teachers have a similar success by releasing digital content of their own.

iBooks is Apple's method of delivering textbooks which at the moment is the clear front runner in digital textbook delivery.

Here are a few guides you can use if you want to get started developing your first iBook using Apples free iBook author app.

iBook Author Guides

Adding Class Widgets

Apple's Guide