Teach your kids about cybersafety with this fun resource

Budd:e is a great site for primary and secondary students to learn about cybersafety.  It takes students throughout the process of identifying dodgy sites, viruses and malware and most of all teaches them about what information is deemed public and what should remain private. 

It also covers cyber bullying in great detail and helps students differentiate between reputable sources of information and content that is unreliable.

The Budd:e Cyber security Education package consists of two activity-based learning modules, one for primary school students, and one for secondary school students.  Both modules contain engaging, media-rich activities and resources, developed in consultation with teachers and subject matter experts. 

Here you will also find comprehensive Teacher Resources for Budd:e including background and contextual information, a video demonstration of the modules, lesson plans with learning outcomes for each activity, and curriculum maps for all Australian states and territories.

Budd:e is totally free and aimed at creating a safer, more secure online environment for all children.