iPhone & iPad Apps for Teachers: Today in History

As a bit of history Buff it caught my attention because it is full of facts linked to Wikipedia and lets me find both nibbles and in depth information on thousands of topics ranging from the strange through to bizarre.

However as a literacy who is always looking for fresh and relevant ideas Today in History offers a wealth of writing prompt materials.

For instance today November 22 is the anniversary of JFK's assassination in Dallas 1963. This was a great discussion topic for my class to explore the notion of 'conspiracy theories and cover ups' that led my students to research why people go to such great lengths to cover up the truth?

We discussed JFK and then the kids brought up Roswell... We ended up writing a short essay on "Does society sometimes need protection from the truth?"

Anyhow.. If this sort of thing is your cup of tea then take a look at Today in History here. and let me know if you know of any other great History / Writing apps