Have you seen Google Street View lately?

Google maps has been on on iCloud 9 the last few weeks thanks to some poor press from it's competitors, but more importantly it has added some great new features to it's street view tool that is sure to impress all of us.

First off, a couple of weeks ago the big G introduced virtual underwater tours of some of the worlds most famous  reefs and marine parks.

Students can log on to Street View on Google Maps and Google Earth and  explore high-resolution, 360-degree images of the reef that are being  gathered as part of the Catlin Seaview Survey, which documents the  health of coral reefs around the world.

"The project is as much about the engagement  as it is about the science," project director Richard Vevers stated from Monterey, California,

The underwater street view program has a long list of must 'seas' that is being assisted by some of marine biology's biggest players including James Cameron.

Yesterday,  Google decided they would add a further 250,000 miles of brand new high resolution street view images to their arsenal of navigation tools and have taken extra effort to make sure they have included some of the worlds premium cultural and tourist attractions.

It would be great to get your kids on Google maps and street view to see what's new in Google maps and street view.