Top 5 Android Apps for Busy Teachers

Android Phones are now the world’s biggest mobile computing platform and surprisingly dominate the mobile market in comparison to Apple’s iPhone. We have covered many useful apps for teachers in the iPhone here at Edgalaxy and thought it was time to turn our focus to some of the better apps for teachers on the android platform. So here are a few apps of note for busy teachers.

Class Droid

Put very simply Class Droid is your one stop shop for recording, grading and assigning work to students. You can instantly upload information to a student’s portfolio for parents and students to access and judge how they are performing to identify areas of of achievement and need.





Document Scanner


If you need a document in a pinch, or you just don’t feel like taking it to have it scanned or faxed, you can use this app to do it on your phone. You can scan any number of pages and convert them into a single .pdf file.







Dropbox for Android


If you don’t use Dropbox then you are missing out on the greatest cloud computing technology ever created. Access your files, anytime anywhere, leave your laptop at home and never create a duplicate of the same document. We all know this of course but now it is fully integrated with Android and lets you edit documents on your phone too. Upload and download videos and share documents with your peers.





Grades Student Organizer

Keep track of your classes, school assignments, homework, and exams with ease using the Grades: Student Organizer from Android Infinity Software. Watch your attendance, manage your time semester by semester or day by day, keep a record of your test scores and monitor your GPA using different grading styles and grade scales for each course to match the standards for every teacher and professor. Store professor and teacher contact information and email them from within this intuitive, well-organized app. A multiple-view calendar shows your daily schedule, weekly plans, attendance tracking, a general schedule,

Bluewave Air Mouse.


This is great for your interactive whiteboard. Instantly transform your android phone into a wireless keyboard/trackpad.

BlueWave transforms your android phone into an air mouse, wireless keyboard and game controller for PC without any extra hardware investment.

Now you can access your computer anywhere, anytime, in any pose.

You need to install BlueWave server on your PC first. Please go to