Great Collection of Interactive Reading Activities

I came across E-reading worksheets today and will definitely be using it with my own class as it has a huge collection of reading activities for all major text types.

What are ereading worksheets?

ereading worksheets are Flash based online quizzes about reading skills. These quizzes give students practice with a variety with reading skills such as identifying figurative language, determining the narrator’s view point, recognizing the author’s purpose, understanding text structure and more.

How can I use ereading worksheets?

Students can print the results of their ereading worksheets. Because of this, teachers can assign students to complete ereading worksheets as extra credit, class assignments, or even homework depending on computer access within the community and school. The best part is that ereading worksheets are graded for you.

But, can’t a student just print 10 copies of their results?

Not that easily. Before taking the quiz, the student is prompted to enter their name. The name they enter will then be printed on their results page. If a student wants to change the name on the results page, they will have to retake the quiz. Because the answers shuffle each time the quiz is taken, completing the quiz for other people requires work.   Students will always be able to devise methods to game the system, but ereading worksheets will make them work for it.

Cool, anything else?

Yes. At the bottom of each ereading worksheet is a text field containing code. If you click on the text box and cut and paste the code into an html field on your blog or web page, the ereading worksheet should display on your page without ads. This is a great way to enhance your classroom blog or website. What, you don’t have a classroom blog? Get one free.  And don’t forget to check out the ereading worksheets.