The Ultimate Guide to Using iPads in the Classroom

There is no doubt to anyone who has used an iPad or any tablet for that matter that they show a clear alternative to teaching learning in the classroom beyond laptops, screens and monitors.  The iPads simplicity of use and massive range of apps give it a great deal of appeal as a teaching and learning tool and the future looks bright for this trend to continue.  

Yes it does have a number of shortfalls in some areas - like any early technology so I am going to share some great resources with you that I have come across which highlight the benefits of iPads in the class room and hopefully they will be of use to you.

The DEECD located in Victoria Australia has some brilliant resources located at their iPads in the classroom trial website including.

The 21 Steps to iPad success which is a document created to assist schools to smoothly implementing their iPads in the classroom, and have provided each school with some support materials. The In Their Hands: iPads for Learning Trial; 21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success outlines four phases for successful implementation of 1-to-1 devices:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Implementing
  4. Evaluating

The Getting Started Guide can also be downloaded here and it has some great lesson suggestions and apps that you can use as both a teacher and a student.

More information about the DEECD trial can be found here

Here are some sample lessons that will give you an idea of not only how to integrate the iPad into your classroom but give you a great template for planning lessons that utilise a tablet.

Here are a nice collection of tips for teachers using iPads in education covering a very broad range of topics

Do you have a iPads in your school and need help putting together a user policy - download this one and see what GFW High School implement iPad use to teachers and students.

Here are some more useful resoruces on Ipads from Educause.  Generally quite broad again but worth a look.

Finally there are literally hundreds of educational app review sites popping up on the web but here is a great starting point for finding genuinely useful apps before you trawl the web.

Obviously there are loads of great iPad resources popping up on the web everyday.  If you think we have missed something important please leave a comment below and let us know.