Maths Card Game - Making Tens – Addition, extension to other operations

Thanks to Michael Ymer for this game suitable for students from Prep to Year 6.

Children play game in pairs. All picture cards and tens removed leaving numbers 1 – 9.  Place  9 cards face up in three rows of three similar to the channel 9 logo on TV. The remainder of the deck are placed on top of the cards face up until all are gone leaving the nine piles of cards.

Students take it in turns collecting two cards that when added together make ten. This continues until all cards are removed. Children need to say aloud the combinations as they collect the pairs.


Collect more than two cards to make ten, use subtraction and addition, roll a dice and use the number displayed as the target instead of ten, make 100 using the displayed cards as two digit numbers, create equations to make 100 using any operation, make 10 using mixed numbers eg. 4.7 + 5.3, make 1 using decimals eg. 0.46 + 0.54.

Kevin Cummins

ICT Consultant with over 60 schools in Victoria Australia. Google Certified Teacher, Masters of I.T Education and above all else husband and dad.