Genuine 'Old School' Entertainment Video that will Amaze your Students

My mum actually sent me link to this the other day and it really caught my attention as to how everyone has an amazing skill or talent.  Larry Griswold was just such a man. Appearing on the Frank Sinatra show in 1951 Larry and would put any number of our entertainers to shame today without the need for Computer Generated effects or stunt doubles. He is a REAL SHOWMAN - You'll see why.

Anyhow... I'll let the video do the talking for me but if you get the chance to share this with your colleagues or students to do nothing else but remember before we had the 'X Games', 'American Idol' and 'So you think you can Dance' there were guys out there pushing the envelope generations ago too and some of them like Larry are still drawing a crowd nearly 60 years later. 

I wonder if anyone will be watching our entertainers in 2070 and who might they be and why? - I am sure there is an essay in that.