Googlio's: A Google Centric solution to digital Portfolios

With such a range of applications and web tools available from Google it was only a matter of time before someone with a bit of enthusiasm and initiative packaged all of these resources into a  workable digital portfolio solution for students.

Googlio's are the brainchild of G. Alex ambrose and are the compilation of student work for creating and reflecting about concepts learnt inside and outside the classroom.  Googlio's rely heavily on Google Apps, more specifically Google Doc's and a range of web 2.0 technologies that are all available freely to educational institutions to solve a number of problems that were previously achieved from a desktop environment which meant that students could not easily share content with others.

As someone who has created digital portfolios for a number of years I found some great ideas and activities on the Googlio project site that I would definitely integrate with my students but I am still a little hesitant about students putting all of their work into cloud solutions as this creates both opportunities and problems of its own.  This may just be a mental obstacle I need to hurdle however.

Please be sure to watch the Googlio instructional video above and take a look at the great work that has been put together on the site.  I would love to hear from anyone else that has adopted the Googlio solution to digital portfolios for their ideas.