Bring Geometry to life for your students with 3D Vinci

What is it: Having just finished teaching a session on Geometry with my kids I really wish I had seen this earlier.  3DVinci integrates all those boring geometric and mathematical concepts into Google Sketchup and allows them to build houses and other objects integrating scale, ratio and a range of geometric concepts., create printable nets to produce 3D shapes to display in the classroom.

How can i use this in the classroom: 3Dvinci is full of geometry lessons aimed at all year levels and has video tutorials for each session so there is no need to be a genius at Sketchup by any means. These videos show SketchUp in action. See how to tile, tessellate, divide a cube, build a prism, put together an icosahedron, and more.

Download a fun project each month that uses SketchUp to demonstrate a geometric concept. Printable PDF format, separate versions for teachers and students.

If you are new to SketchUp? This teacher page has easy steps to get started, and links to some free student activities including mosaics and puzzles.

3DVinci's Getting Started Guide (PDF) takes you through SketchUp's basic tools and features. Click either PC version or Mac version.

This one is definitely worth integrating into your maths sessions especially if you have kids in grade 3 and above and along the way you will see what else you can do with Google Sketchup too.  Let me know how you go.