The Ultranet Don't Work

Today I set up to present the 77 million dollar Ultranet to around 40 staff as all state teachers had a student free day to explore it. Before hand I warned all staff beforehand it could fall over at any minute as it is basically sketchy at best.

Nevertheless we trucked on with an optimistic mind and true to form it fell over at the first hurdle with tens of thousands of teachers unable log in. Read the full story and hear the excuses fly thick and fast here.

I will be surprised if this thing ever comes remotely close to achieving its objectives and it has just reinforced my belief that the Victorian Department of Education have no understanding useful web technologies and platforms on a global scale and has a strong history of technical failures. They could have built this 5 years ago off existing and tried technology for half the budget if they pulled their heads out of the sand used education not politics as their driving ambition.