Android Grade Rubric - Great for teachers to track students

Grade Rubric


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This app is a simple, efficient grading tool for professors and teachers who use a grading rubric.

For example, suppose you break a paper down into five categories…

  1. On Time
  2. Clear Intro
  3. Presented an Argument
  4. Critically Discussed an Objection
  5. Appropriate Citation

Simply pick the kind of Rubric you want (Point Deductions or Letter Grade averages), set your labels, and use the radio buttons to grade each section in your rubric. Hit the calculate button and you’re finished. Record your grade. Hit the reset button and move on to the next student. It’s that easy.

Now users have the option of generating an email message when you press the calculate button. The auto-generated message will include the final grade and a breakdown of your marks for each rubric category. All you’ll have to do is enter their email address (which will be very quick if your students are in your gmail contacts) and press send. You can even store a customized subject, intro message, and signature.