Start your own classroom news channel with Newsmaker

First off as I don't usually promote paid software unless it is really worth spending money let me say that Newsmaker is not free. 

What is it?  Newsmaker is a new program I purchased for our school in 2010 as we have been exploring setting up our own classroom radio and television stations and it is really a brilliant software package that we are using on an almost daily basis of late to achieve this goal.

Newsmaker compiles the process of scripting, teleprompting and recording your literacy session into a full blown video news story all within the one program with ease. 

If you are using a laptop or desktop with a webcam and microphone then you are good to go straight away.  You can either import text or write it within the program and then Newsmaker will set up a Teleprompter for you to read as it records you doing this.

My only complaint is that Newsmaker soes not offer built in chroma - keying for Green Screen users or the ability to add titles or credits. 

You can do all of this yourself of course with other video editing packages after you have finished with newsmaker but it could be achieved all within the one program.

How can I use this in the classroom?  Newsmaker could be used in nearly any form of literacy and if you are stuck for ideas elsewhere there are lesson plans located on the newsmaker site itself.

All in all Newsmaker has been a real winner with students and staff and you can download a 30 day trial here.  Pricing will vary depending on location but it was definitely a cheaper option in comparison to some other educational packages out there.