Nintendo to target the Education Market with its new DS XL

The Nintendo DS / Gameboy is the biggest selling video game console in history and would be a common item in the school bags of many students.  The problem Nintendo has had is convincing teachers and parents the DS could actually be a learning tool and to give them a reason to get them out of their bags.

The Brain Training Academy series launched somewhat of phenomenon in the portable gaming marketplace and all of the sudden mum, dad and Grandma wanted a DS to sharpen their minds, Play Sudoku and various other puzzle games.  The DS instantly gained some credibility with the intellectual market as a result.

Well Nintendo have obviously taken note of this trend and set to capitalise on it further with the Nintendo DS XL.

The DS XL sports a screen double the size of it's predecessor, (Maybe to help Granny  see here Sudoko a little clearer?) it has built in Brain Training Games, Dictionary and a range of other DS Apps that are aimed at  non traditional gaming markets.  It sports a better camera, improved touch and stylus functionality and still offers all of the web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity of the DSi.

It will be available in March 2010 for what I can only assume will be slightly more expensive or the same as the DSi.  

In light of the recent disappointment of the iPad I am sure Nintendo is hopeful this DS maybe can break into the educational market with it's new features.  Watch this space and I look forward to hearing your feedback.