4 Awesome Tools to Enhance your Youtube Experience

Got this from Abhijeet Mukherjee at google tutor.  There is some great stuff here you can use to enhance your youtube experience in the classroom.

Since its inception, YouTube has steadily surged in popularity due to its great features. The site is now the most popular video viewing and sharing site on the web and among the top ten most visited sites in the world.

While YouTube boasts of some great features, there are various third-party tools which further enhance its functionality and make your experience of using the site a better one. Following are 4 such tools which YouTube fans would love to use.

1. YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

I think one of the most common annoyances of YouTube is the auto play and buffer feature which makes the video play immediately when the page loads, and then buffers at frequent intervals causing the video to stop frequently. The YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads Greasemonkey script is a great tool which buffers the video after disabling auto-play, removes in-video ads, and also puts it in HD if the option is present.


2. TubeChop

TubeChop is a cool tool which lets you extract your favorite part from a YouTube video and share it with others. Just search for the video, specify the start and the end time and get the url of the chopped clip.


3. Dirpy

Dirpy lets you convert Youtube videos to high quality audio files and then download them to your computer. You can specify the start and the end point of the conversion. It also provides a bookmarklet for the purpose.


4. Plistube

Plistube is an awesome web app for music lovers. It lets you create video playlists comprising of Youtube videos of your favorite artists or bands. Hence you don’t need to individually search for them anymore.


What other YouTube tools are your favorites ? Lets hear them in the comments.