Where are the Next Generation Interactive Whiteboards?

Last year I tried a little experiment that I got off Johnny Lee to create a multi touch interactive white board using a wiimote, data projector and a PC.  You can check it out here if you haven't seen it before but it has been around for over two years now. 

Anyhow it took me all of one hour to get this thing up and running and it worked flawlessly with all my standard Smartboard applications and standard desktop apps. It killed my $5000 Smartboard with it's mutli touch capacity and cost a grand total of $100 to set up after the cost of the data projector.

When I did this I though wow some comapny is really going to latch onto this and run with it and we will see the end of ridiculously priced IWB's in the classroom and I really believed and still do that these will become a common household entertainment device.

Well over 2 years on - I personally haven't seen a single product that has replicated Nintendo's technology and applied it to Education.  There is an absolute fortune for the company that can get this right and get it on the market.

I am wondering if anyone has seen something similar on the market and I have just missed it or is their something more suspicious cooking here?

I would love to hear your feedback and for those that havent seen it yet below is a video of the $100 mutli touch Wiimote IWB in action.