Some useful Web 2.0 apps to try in your classroom

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages. All skill levels will benefit from TypingWeb's free keyboarding lessons

Raylit is an effort to achieve that objective. It has been specifically designed for 3-7 year old kids in preschool, kindergarten and first grade, taking into account their mental and physical development. Raylit features a healthy balance of learning and entertainment interwoven together into an interactive and engaging personalized experience for each kid

Notely is a collection of online tools designed to help all you crazy busy students out there to organize your hectic lives. Whether you're in University, College or High School Notely has the tools to help you get organized and achieve better grades.

At Footnote you can view some of the most exciting original source documents available for the first time on the internet. Easily explore historic documents and photos in fine detail. Easily detail people, places & dates you find. Write about what you find & let others in on your discovery.

Active Allowance is a revolutionary web service that helps you create a thoughtful and sustainable allowance and responsibilities system for your kids. Active Allowance provide easy-to-use online tools and an easy-to-maintain process to help you teach your kids, as part of everyday life, about responsibility, values, making choices and appreciating things.

The KIDOZ browser is a protected environment made for young kids that enables children to surf sites ,watch videos and play games. The system blocks links, scripts and any other attempts that lead to sites and content which have not been approved, preventing them being viewed by the children.

Plinky - Create Inspired Content on the Web

Plinky makes it easy for you to create inspired content. Every day it'll provide a prompt (i.e. a question or challenge) and you answer. Pllinky makes it simple to add rich media and share your answers on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.