Google Sketch-up made Easy

Google sketch up has been around for quite a while now and generally high school and uni-students have jumped on board to use it as a design and planning tool.  It has been a little daunting for the average teacher to learn sketch-up  let alone ask their students to do too much with it. Until now.

I came across an excellent set of instructional videos for Sketch up that allow a novice such as myself to get my grade 5/6 students to create a simple 3D playground or building as a maths task right through to creating a fully rendered and accurate model of the Titanic for high school students.

The videos are available here but I have also added a couple of examples below the first is just an instructional video and the second is a music video film clip created by a college kid for the grand total of $12

Give Google  Sketch Up a look especially when working with measurement in Maths as it makes theory a reality and really gets your students thinking in 3 Dimensional terms instead of just numbers  and concepts on a 2D sheet of paper.