4 Great Online Presentation Tools to try Today

Looking for something to spice up your blog, website or simply share your photos online then these 4 tools can give you some options other than PhotoStory, PowerPoint and So on.  I have spoken about a couple of these already but these are some similar products that have been around for a few months that you can use with your kids.

 Animoto is essentially photostory online allowing users to upload photos, add music and a range of effects and the finished product can be added to your own blog or wikispace.  Check it out here.




Xtranormal Movie Maker is more like a Kahootz experience allowing you to create 3D scripted movies with a limited number of characters, settings and scenes.  This is not for the junior grades first up but grade 3 and up could certainly handle this.  Once again your finished product can be shared iin your won web spaces.



Spoke about this one before but PhotoPeach is essentially the same as Microsoft PhotoStory 3 with the ability to add audio and text to a series of photo transitions but the big difference here is that it converts it to a web based video file that can either be linked to or embedded into a blog or web site that you can direct your audience to. Check it out here.


Stupeflix - Essentially Same Same as a PhotoPeach and Animoto but definitely worth a look can export finished product as a flash file.  Stuped name good option though.