Is Windows 7 an option at your school this year?

If you are like most schools who opted to skip Windows Vista and are still running Windows XP as your primary OS there is fresh change in the air coming in the form of Windows 7 that so far has recieved far more praise than criticism and should be seriously considered as your new OS following it's release on October 22nd this year.

But why should we bother changing you may ask?  Well basically Windows 7 runs very well on older specced hardware faster and more reliably than Vista and XP ever did, Netbook and laptop users take note. 

Touch technology: if you are using tablets or some of the new HP Touch hardware Windows 7 works straight of the box as a multi-touch interface as long as you have the hardware to support it. 

There are many reasons listed by Microsoft but really Windows 7 is basically Vista 2 - but with all of ( most of )  the screw ups fixed it looks great really feels like a fresh 2009 OS.  Nearly all schools have Educational  Microsoft Licensing and after trialling this for a year with next to no crashes or hair pulling moments on my primary work laptop I am recommending that you jump on it and get your kids and staff using this sooner than later.  If you would like to try using it today check out the free full featured release candidate here.  Have a chat to your techie and ask them if they can upgrade your current OS and why not if not?