next Version of Skype to offer Screen Sharing

Currently we are using skype at my school to video conference accross campuses and clasrooms.  We have had some mixed results with it due to our school filtering system and drop outs but one thing which I have long been witing ofr is that I cannot share my screen which in our case is our IWB with others on it which really just leavs

This problem seem to have been addressed in the next version of Skype which is currently available in Beta format that allows users to share desktops.  This will really enhance the potential of Skype as a legitimate classroom and web conferencing tool as it will allow users the opportunity to complete documents or IWB activities collaboratively live.

I would really recommend waiting for this to become officially available as a complete version for use in the classroom but if you have thought about using Skype for teaching and learning and never actually got around to it then maybe this is your in.

For those of you who want to try the beta it is available here