Wireless that Works

This year my school was involved in a trial of 1:1 netbooks in the classroom for our grade 5 students which equated to our school supporting around 150 wireless devices around the clock for students and staff and was a pretty major expectation that it worked. It was no surprise to me that our ultra expensive and sophisticated existing network was not up to the job.  Basically Wireless is a nightmare to get up and running in a secure environment as it cuts out has black spots, needs certificates, so on and so on as most of you willl already know

I have spent tens of thousands in a range of environments to try and find the wireless that just works, and I can tell you this just works.  Mac Airport Extremes work like clockwork to extend or run wireless networks in schools.  They are less than half the price of the so called top of the line CISCO equivalent.  Wireless N so they cover massive amounts of area super fast and above all else are just plain reliable.

Save yourself some serious headaches and dollars to run your wireless in future and take my word for it that these are the best value for money wireless routers on the market.  check them out here.