Google Apps offers some Powerful Web solutions to Education

Google Apps has been around for quite a while now offering a solid suite of collaboration, communication and infrastructure tools that can cost the corporate world thousands of dollars but is available to education for nothing.

I have experimented with it in the past as I could really see the benefit of shared calendars, email management for staff and students, chat, shared private web and intranet sites and secure video and loads of other features.  The best thing about this entire suite is that it offers simplicity, security and scalability from small primary school to massive campus whilst keeping all of your original school domain and web addresses intact and customised to your needs.

My take on it is that if you are using 101 different apps and tools and don't have great tech support then this is a genuine solution that can be up and running in a day that I am strongly recommending you take a look at.  You will certainly have a suite of tools that is extensive and future proof as Google roll out more products and updates.

If you are in a good space in terms of your tech management and you understand wikispaces, blogs etc then you don't need to rush to it, but I do encourage a good look.  I am in this space at the moment and increasingly seeing the benefit of Google Apps.

If I was starting from scratch I have to say I would really jump on this.  Anyhow Google Apps for Education has a heap of info and video tutorials that will explain the potential of what this can do.  Check it out here and I would love to hear from anyone who has really bought into it at schools get some feedback on their experience.