Podcasts are an untapped resource in Education.

I wrote a post last month on the benefits of setting up a media server to share all of your audio and video throughout the school. However some of you have commented that they don't actually have a great deal of it and the good news is that you really don't need to spend a fortune (or anything for that matter)  to stock your network with up to date maths and literacy resources.

Podcasts, both video and audio versions are freely available to played on iTunes, Juice or Ziepod and there are some excellent children's storybooks, demonstrational / Tutorial videos, recordings of historical moments and enthusiast podcasts available on virtually any topic you are after.  If you want to learn another language then there are multitude of Podcasts available with complete courses for free and this can be said for just about any subject area.

You can subscribe or download these to your server and use them either in your class or for staff PD.  Podcast's for educators, schools and colleges has a great website on all things podcasting and here are all their links to the best educational podacsts by subject area:  ie - literacy.