Timeglider: Another Solid Web based Timeline Creator

As an educator you are looking for new ways to engage students in the learning process. You want to leverage technology in the classroom and use new tools to bring the curriculum and educational content to life. You want to find new ways for your students to collaborate and maximize the value of your teaching. Ideally, you need all this without spending money.

TimeGlider is a free web-based timeline application. Used by thousands of teachers and students it represents an entirely new, yet completely intuitive, way of visualizing information. An axis of time runs across the screen, around which you create or import events. A collection of events becomes a timeline. Students can work individually or in groups, either way they find TimeGlider a compelling and easy to grasp experience.

Creating timelines is often a key part of a research project - helping understand the history of an event, a place, a nation. You need to quickly and intuitively lay out a sequence of events over time and are looking for accessible and simple technology that can help.

TimeGlider is simple in design but offers plenty of scope to take further.  Check it out here.