Pixlr - Photoshop Elements in a Web Browser - Almost

What is it?  Pixlr is an online image editor that runs within the web browser that offers some amazing filters, tools and features that will get the casual blogger, amateur photographer or designer out of most spots if they do not have a full featured image editing application such as Photoshop at their fingertips.  It is simple to use looks great and will meet the needs of the majority of users who just want to enhance or alter an image with little to no fuss in little to no time.

Some features are:

  • A fully customizable user interface with movable and scalable windows
  • Navigation-free drop-down menus featuring all filters, adjustment and layering options
  • Intuitive design and paint features with a dedicated history window for reference and quick undo/redo
  • A “Photo Express” portal for quick, simple changes to images and photographs
  • Upload and download photos in seconds and begin editing without any signup hassles or cost.

How Can I use this in the classroom?  Secondary up for Starters mainly due to the extensive options that are on offer.  Students could create or alter an advertising campaign image relevant to a current classroom issue or simply create a collage of high quality images relating to something important to them.  I for your students have a blog you might recommend Pixlr as an easily accessible tool to enhance images for posts, banners and so on.

I have included a video below that Explains Pixlr further or you can jump straight in here.