Game Classroom

Collective gaming sites for education can be dubious at best as a lot of advertising and rubbish often finds it's way onto them but after a thorough examination of I can highly recommend this for teachers and parents to let their kids use confidently in the knowledge that the content is of high value and relevant. 

Here is what gameclassroom have to say about their site:

What is Game Classroom?

Game Classroom is a one-stop web destination for accessing high-quality educational games, and homework help for K-6 students:

  • We scoured the web for the best and most trustworthy games, and conveniently sorted them according to skill, topic and grade level.
  • We spent thousands of hours creating an abundance of interactive content for parents to better understand the building blocks behind their child’s development.
  • We created a comprehensive, free homework help section for parents/teachers to provide to children including learning tips, online resources and sample problems.

All of Game Classroom's educational content has been created by professional educators with over 200 years of teaching experience, and has been outlined using state educational standards. We hope you (and your kids) enjoy Game Classroom and find it a fun place to learn and play games!

I have to say that I agree with all of these comments and they have clearly put some educational thought and rationale into the games included on their site.  Check it out here.