Getting Started with Posterous in your Classroom

What is it?:  Posterous is a great resource for those that want to have a web presence to upload information to share with the world without the hassle of running a full blown site or being worried about web programming or anything complex. As a teacher if you just want a simple web presence you can send your students and parents to for quick and simple information then this is ideal.

Essentially this is how Posterous works - Got a useful document, song saved as an MP3 or even a web link you want to share with anyone.  Simply email it to and it will be uploaded to your posterous web space. for example.  Any file type can be uploaded to Posterous.  It takes all of 2 minutes to register but you can even skip this step if you are keen.

How Can I use this in the classroom?:  Post your weekly homework tasks up here.  If you have made a podcast simply email it Posterous and it will play straight from the browser or you can download it.  If you have a blog of your own you can automatically get your feed added to your posterous space.  Anyhow Posterous is really worth a look and I am sure you can find a purpose or it in your own classroom.

For a complete getting started breakdown on Posterous click here.  Posterous itself is available here.