Upload any file as it's own webpage. Great tool for sharing class resources at file2.ws


Thanks to killerstartups.com for this little gem.

This is a new, free service that plays out a concise yet very useful role. In essence, it will let you upload any file and have it transformed into a webpage that anybody can visit.

That is, your file becomes stationed online. It is obviously not going to be converted into a fully-fledged webpage with all the features and functionalities that one expects to see in an online resource, but it will be accessible by all your friends and peers.

The full list of files you can upload to be converted is detailed online. This list includes audio and photo files, programming source code and documents of every kind. Chemical file formats are likewise accounted for, and the same goes for compressed files such as ZIP or RAR archives.

The one limitation you have to comply with is that files should not exceed 15 MB. Other than that, you can upload whatever you want whenever the fancy takes you.
When all is said and done, if you are looking into sharing files in a very direct way, and dispense with signing in and staying in queue then this site might just be what the doctor ordered. Follow the link that is displayed at the bottom in order to learn more or start sharing right away.