BeeDocs 3D Time-Line Generator - Ultra Cool Timelines for Mac

What is it?  Beedocs 3D Timeline Generator takes the boring old linear timeline format and gives it a Mac Keynote Style twist by allowing you and your students to create 3D time lines you can navigate along and zoom in and out to see both  the explicit detail and overall at your own leisure.  This is clearly the best looking timeline tool I have seen and as a bit of history buff I can really see its potential.  It is really quite simple to use as you can see from the very unusual forest set instructional video below.  Bee docs 3D timeline contains loads of pre designed templates you can hit the ground running with or customise until you heart is content.   The good news is that that you can integrate them into your keynote but they do not have an instant embed to web feature which would have made this a clean winner for me.  You can download it for a free trial here but it will set you back $65  for the full version which is reasonable for this product but their educational licensing needs to come down dramatically to get this into mainstream education and it would be great to see it on Windows too one day.  All in all a pretty cool product that might be of real value for a history teacher but a bit to one dimensional and expensive for my liking as a whole school educational license at the moment.

How can I integrate this into the classroom?  Well - I would really recommend making a timeline... Check out the vids below for some real insight and inspiration and let me know what you think of it.