Create your own Classroom Flash Resources and Games in Minutes. No Experience Necessary

What is it? is a classic example of a teach savvy teacher sharing their skills to save others massive amounts of time and frustration.  Classtools is full of really great flash templates such as a simple stopwatch through to a quiz styled arcade game that you can edit within the browser with absolutely no flash skills required allowing you to fill it with your own content related to whatever topic you are teaching. 

You can then embed your flash project within your own webspace to use as you please.  Classtools is totally free, no signup or passwords required and does not plaster your finished piece with advertising.  So I give Classtools two thumbs up and recommend you give it a shot to impress your peers and students.

How Can I use this in the classroom?  Create a quiz on a subject you are teaching and put it in a cool flash game as opposed to giving your kids a paper based test.  Create a virtual book by simply adding your own text that you can then display on your IWB.  Or create a simple timeline to retell an event. 

Check out Russell Tarr's Great website here, There is a demo video below on how it works here and let me know how you have used Classtools in your classroom.