Ourstory: A Quality Embeddable Timeline Generator

I have been looking around for a dynamic timeline generator for quite some time now and today I came across 3 contenders.  xtimeline.com, dandelife and Ourstory.com.  All 3 had their pro's and con's but I have decided to write the praises of ourstory.com for a number of reasons.

First off it's free. Secondly It is visually appealing in the manner that you can add images directly onto the timeline and add expandable check boxes to really enhance the detail without ruining the look.  Third it is embeddable into your webspace and easy to share with your intended audience. 

You will have to sign up to use ourstory.com which is always a pain in the classroom but it is for me a clear winner in the free online timeline generator.  go to ourstory.com to see it for yourself and check out the video below.