Amazing Interactive Wiimote IWB - For anyone that missed it the first time

This will probably be nothing new to the majority of edgalaxy readers out there.  But it amazes me how many tech freaks totally missed this the first time and were amazed them self by what little known researcher Johnny Lee nutted out about Nintendo's Wiimote and it's capacity to do far more than play video games.

As is outlined by the videos below he produced a product that supassed a $5000 Interactive whiteboard for around $50.  I made one last year and it worked an absolute treat and I thought to myself at the time "this is end for Smartboards, Promethean and allthese other big plyers inthe IWB market".  We are heading towards 2010 and I still have not seen a mass produced wiimote IWB package that takes advantage of this technology and I am not entirely sure why this is so, whether it's Nintendo, the Big IWB companies or just plain laziness on the part of a nerdy entrepreneur to bring this product to our classrooms.

Anyhow, words cannot explain this below are a couple of movies that do.  Check out Johnny's site to see what else he has been up to late at night.  And I would love to hear you feedback, experiences and thought on the Wii IWB.