Doink - Create Online Animations with Ease with younger Students

What is it?  Doink was pointed out to me by @kdmiller4 as a collaboration tool she uses with her class to create animations and share them with the world.  It must have really snuck under the radar because it is a brilliant little drawing / animation tool that allows you use your own artistic skills or simply pull in any number of pre drawn objects from others around the globe to make a simple animation that you can embed in your own web spaces or instantly upload to youtube or facebook.  Younger kids will love it it is dead easy as demonstrated in the video below.

How can I integrate this into the classroom?  Doink is a great tool for younger students to begin making visual literacies. Get them to story board a narrative and then begin creating.   As these objects are embeddable you might get half the class one day to create a doink  animation and the other half can make up their own stories about what they think the animation is about below it.  Check it out here.

Animation Tutorial for from Aaron White on Vimeo.