Use Spotlight search on your iPad

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Spotlight search allows you to quickly find apps, settings, contacts, web searches and other important pieces of information from any screen you are working within.

Simply pull down from the top of your screen and begin typing the keyword you are seeking.  For instance if you want to load the YouTube app just pull down your screen and type "You" and that should be all you need for the YouTube app to appear instantly.

AirPlay:  AirPlay is Apple's own screen sharing platform which wirelessly transmits your iPad to an AirPlay enabled device such as an Apple TV.  Airplay is incredibly easy to use and has two modes of use.

  • In App AirPlay:  Standard in App AirPlay can only be accessed within specific apps such as YouTube, iMovie, Apple Music and thousands of others.  Essentially to access this all you need to do is click the AirPlay logo when it appears and select which screen you want your iPad to be shared with.
  • AirPlay Mirroring:  Mirroring allows you to share everything you do on your iPad exactly as you see it on the iPad.  This action is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of your iPad, selecting AirPlay and then Mirroring.

So What's the difference?  Essentially Standard AirPlay is more reliable and more versatile in the sense it can actually expand the use of your iPad depending on the specific App you are using.  For instance AirPlay in iMovie let's you use one screen for editing and another for playback.

AirPlay Mirroring is an exact clone of what is happening on your screen.  Whilst this is very useful at times you might also find it a little more sluggish and unreliable than standard AirPlay.

Google Chromecast

When you see this icon on your iPad you can share your screen with  a Google Chromecast device.

When you see this icon on your iPad you can share your screen with  a Google Chromecast device.


Google Chromecast is a similar experience to In App Airplay.  It only works with designated apps and unfortunately there is no option to mirror your iPad like there is with AirPlay.