Keep Calm Teaching Posters Collection

Here it is. A collection of Keep Calm Posters for Teachers for you to download, print and display around your classroom or office.  Some are funny, Some are inspirational and all I hope, are useful.


Keep Calm and Carry On was a propaganda poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of the Second World War, intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of a Nazi invasion of Great Britain.

These posters might raise morale or just a few eyebrows.  They include.

  • Keep Calm and Teach on
  • Keep Calm and Stop Texting
  • Keep Calm and Reboot
  • Keep Calm and Enjoy Learning
  • Keep Calm and Raise Your Hand
  • Keep Quiet and Continue Working

Click here to download the collection as a printable PDF and if you have any Keep Calm suggestions for us please post them as a comment and I'll add them.

Great Poster about Classroom Fairness


He llo, World!

Some kids (and adults!!) really struggle with the concept of fairness in the classroom and don’t understand that there are people around them that have different needs.

This poster is a great visual reminder that "Fairness is not about everybody getting the same thing, but ensuring everybody gets what they need to succeed."

It really drives that point home with great colour and visuals. Vicky Tom has put this poster together for us you can download it for free here.  Enjoy.

Free Classroom Poster Reporting Vs. Tattling

Reporting Vs Tattling.JPG

I had this poster emailed to me by a colleague earlier this week, and it does a great job at explaining the difference between.  It is a very difficult process to explain at times and this poster does it in 5 simple steps.

Download the poster here.