Amazing free Dinosaur posters for your classroom

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Kids of all ages love dinosaurs, and they are a great topic to teach.  There seems to be an unending fascination with these giant creatures which dominated earth for millions of years and then suddenly vanished.

This collection of 13 Dinosaur Posters will really enhance any learning space at home or school, and help you and your students better understand Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

These Posters are all high resolution PDF images that can be scaled to meet any practical printing size and provide facts, images and information about the following 12 dinosaurs.

  • Megalosaurus
  • Pteranadon
  • Tyrannosaurus
  • Triceratops
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Diplodocus
  • Allosaurus
  • Plesiosauria
  • Velociraptor
  • Archaeopteryx

I hope you enjoy these posters and put them to great use.  Click here to download them.


Roman Numerals Poster.PNG

Roman numerals were the accepted numerical system of the ancient world for a longer period of time than our current 0 - 9 Hindu Arabic numerical system has been. 

As a maths teacher, Roman Numerals open the door to discussing the evolution of mathematics and society by telling the rise and fall of empires, great minds of the past and evolving our thought processes as the world became a larger community.

This free poster not only explains how the Roman Numeral system works, so that your students can identify the production years at the end of movies, but also offers a great collection of historical facts about it's stories past.  Did I also mention it looks great too.

So...  Feel free todownload it here, and Print it out as large as possible.  Enjoy!

*Please note all of our posters are originally designed using high resolution images and fonts at A3 paper size.

Be aware it will be automatically resized to your default paper size when using Adobe Acrobat Reader without any loss of quality. If you would like to print these documents at larger sizes you can read the Adobe Resize & Scaling FAQ here.

We recommend laminating them for best results.

Finally if you would like to purchase a completely editable version of this document to alter without any restrictions you can purchase it for $10.00 simply by emailing us.