Free DeBono's Thinking Hats Posters

Six THinking Hats Poster.PNG

Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats is a time-tested, proven and practical thinking tool.  It provides a framework to help people think clearly and thoroughly by directing their thinking  attention in one direction at a time.

These set of seven posters based on DeBono's Thinking Hats will make it simple for students to follow the process and solve problems in a logical and structured manner.

It works like this; white hat facts, green hat creativity,  yellow hat benefits, black cautions,  red hat feelings, and blue hat process.

It's a simple mental metaphor. Hats are easy to put  on and to take off. Each hat is a different color which signals the thinking process . In a group setting each member thinks using the same thinking hat, at  the same time, on the same thinking challenge—we call this focused parallel thinking--a  tool that facilitates creativity and collaboration. It enables each person's unique point of  view to be included and considered. Argument and endless discussion become a  thing of the past. Thinking becomes more thorough.

Download the 6 Thinking Hats Posters Here

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