Free Classroom Poster: Parts of a Paragraph


It is often said that writing a paragraph correctly is like making a hamburger.  The two buns contain a collection of tasty but different ingredients that keep us coming back for more.

This analogy is a good one for students to understand as the correct way to structure a paragraph is as follows.

1)topic sentence: tells the reader what the paragraph is going to be about

2)the body: the main part of the paragraph. This is where you tell the reader about your topic by including specific details.

3)The closing or clincher sentence: comes after all the details havebeen included in the body of the paragraph. The closing sentence remindsthe reader what the topic of the paragraph is really all about, what itmeans.

This poster will come in handy in any classroom as it very simply outlines these facts in a great visual manner using the hamburger visual to help them remember these facts.


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Download the parts of a paragraph poster here.

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