The Maths Toolbox Poster every maths teacher needs


I have been using a resource known as the maths toolbox to show students strategies to deal with unknown and difficult math problems for a number of years.  There are 12 in all and in the next few days I will be adding a presentation explaining how and when to use each of these. These types of tools are similar to the ones offered by     professional  education services such as TakeLessons math tutors

I have just put together some posters for you to download in an A3 and A4 format that I would strongly recommend sticking in your classroom and your students workbooks to quickly refer to when unsure of how to attack a difficult problem.

These concepts can be pitched at any age and are a must have for all teachers to add to their own tool kit.  I'd love to hear of any other great resources that you have to share also.

Download the Poster Here

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