Free Bloom's Taxonomy Classroom Display Poster


Bloom's Taxonomy has helped teachers plan lessons and design instruction for decades now.

While other theories and systems have come and gone, Bloom's taxonomy appears to have become the most commonly used standard in many educational settings.

In the 1990's, Lorin Anderson and a group of psychologists updated the taxonomy in the hope that it would have more relevance for 21st century students and teachers, transforming the nouns to verbs and making some other seemingly small but significant changes.

The Blooming Butterfly poster was designed by the Learning Today product development team as a tribute to Bloom and Anderson and to the educators all over the world that continue to implement their vision. We hope that it will serve as a visual reminder for teachers as they continue to guide students to become better thinkers, just as Bloom imagined many years ago!

The Poster Can be Downloaded here.