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Respected resources to teach students about depression and anxiety

 Robin Williams

Robin Williams

With the passing today of Robin Williams due to his reported battle with depression it might be a worthwhile process to discuss depression with your teenage students.

Whilst many students would be aware of bullying and unsociable behavior from the moment they enter school, it would be rare that they are made aware of depression and the devastating effects it can have on on individuals and families.

It is a silent killer, In my homeland of Australia more than twice as many people die as a result of suicide than is claimed by the road toll.  Of them more than two thirds are young males.

So here are a few recognized organizations that provide information to students about understanding and dealing with depression. 

Teen Depression from

NHS UK - Child Depression information

Headspace Australia

Kids Helpline


Everthing you need to know about the 5 senses


As per usual the BBC have put together another excellent website about the human senses, what they do and how they work. Below are some great activities from the site which can be accessed here.

Are your eyes being tricked by your brain? Do you know what a supertaster is? Or how to avoid travel sickness? Put your senses to the test in our Senses Challenge.

Discover why food tastes bland if you can't smell.


Are you a supertaster?

Does everything on the menu sound unappealing or delicious? Take our test to find out if you're a supertaster.

Supertaster | Science of Supertasters


Sniffing the decades

See if we can predict which decade you were born in from the smells that remind you of your childhood.


Nervous system game

Wire up the body parts to the correct nerves in our nervous system game.


Brain map

Use our brain map to navigate your way to the part of your brain you use to see.